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About us

Publishing House “Studio Bečkerek“ has over the past two decades focused on the promotion of Serbia’s cultural heritage by publishing deluxe monographic books.

Latest products

Belgrade, A Guide

Dragomir Acović

The very first interactive guide for the City of Belgrade which by its special tool – (Augmented Reality) – enables the Reader to get familiar with Serbia’s capital through audio-visual contents and to experience some of its sights in 3D format.

Fruška Gora and Fruška Gora monasteries, A Guide

Srđan Ercegan

The first unified guide on all the tourist attractions of Fruška Gora in a deluxe edition. High-quality photos on quality paper, along with a lot of useful information, faithfully depict all the tourist, natural, cultural and hospitality offers of Fruška Gora.

Novi Sad, A Guide

Siniša Jokić

You have before you the fourth updated edition about sights and tourist attractions of Novi Sad. A unique, luxurious monograph in hardcover, in which you will find and get to know better all the tourist, cultural and hospitality values of the city. Monograph-Guide Novi Sad will give you a lot of useful information on how to best plan your trip to Novi Sad.